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Pasta and Burrata the Perfect Match

Burrata is the less-known better version of mozzarella. It is made from mozzarella and cream, giving it a very smooth and soft texture. It has origins dating back to about 1900 and hails from the Apulian region in Italy. It was initially established as an artisanal cheese but has maintained its premium-product status even after it has begun to be made commercially in factories.

Preparation of Ramadan Meals

Ramadan is a very special month, where people like to cook and eat unique foods. Many start preparations for Ramadan from weeks before, prepping the ingredients, making the food and freezing it, ready for later, and making sure their kitchen/pantry inventory is fully up to date, so they don’t have to keep going out for groceries during the holy month – this way they can devote more time on worship and the actual cooking.

5 Easy Ramadan Recipes for Iftar

Perfetto brings you easy recipes that you can make for Iftar, not only are they quick to make, but are also healthy and delicious too. We are sure that you are your family will enjoy these, whilst being safe at home.

Sweet and Savory Vermicelli Recipes

The origin of vermicelli pasta is an interesting topic, because food historians’ debate on this to date without concluding anything concrete – everyone has a divided opinion on this. Did vermicelli originate in 14th century Italy, or does vermicelli have Asian roots originating out of China, as told in the many interesting travel accounts by Marco Polo?

Best Winter Pasta Recipes

One of the characteristics of human beings found across many regions and societies are the preparation of certain foods that will provide warmth and energy to the body. For centuries people have resorted to making and drinking hearty things and bring warmth & comfort in winter; especially in the areas where the winter is cold.

Essential Tips for the Saudi Kitchen

The Saudi cuisine is a vibrant and flavoursome cuisine with a wide variety of aromatic dishes and flavours. Making these dishes is a treat and a grand affair in every Saudi home where meals are presented magnificently to portray the great hospitality deeply rooted in this culture.

Pasta Lunch Recipes

Pasta is one of the most popular dishes, which is adored by all age groups, loved by young people before adults, where they have different ways in their preparation, so we have prepared ideas for recipes of salad pasta provided to housewives, to be prepared in easy ways and specific amounts, to achieve optimal results and delicious taste.
Here are 3 recipes used with Perfecto pasta that your kids will definitely love!

Quick Recipes With Delicious Ingredients

There are so many pasta recipes that you can prepare, so you'll never think too much about what you have to eat your meals again. With these quick and easy recipes, you can prepare them at any time of the day, whether at lunch or dinner

What does meal planning mean to housewives?

There are different benefits to planning meals and exercising portion control for housewives. Housewives, especially younger housewives who are trying to get a head start on married life will see that by planning their meals they can budget better and save, they can have more control over the kind of food their family is eating and they can also be smarter about inventory management.

How to Make Lasagna Spaghetti

Lasagna Pasta is an originating in Italy, lasagna is a wide, flat pasta made by interweaving several layers of pasta with layers of sauce, herbs, meat and vegetables. As lasagna is porous, it is the perfect tool to enhance even the most traditional of sauces, such as bechamel and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

4 Pasta Recipes for Family Meals

Spending time at the dining table with the family and sharing conversations with them is a reason to strengthen family relationships. In this article we will present ways to prepare easy recipes for pasta dishes that will impress the whole family in the way of Perfetto Pasta.

Low-fat pasta recipes

Pasta is one of the delicacies that the family likes, young and old. There is no longer a need to reduce or stay away from eating pasta at a different diet.