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Essential Tips for the Saudi Kitchen

The Saudi cuisine is a vibrant and flavoursome cuisine with a wide variety of aromatic dishes and flavours. Making these dishes is a treat and a grand affair in every Saudi home where meals are presented magnificently to portray the great hospitality deeply rooted in this culture.

Pasta Lunch Recipes

Pasta is one of the most popular dishes, which is adored by all age groups, loved by young people before adults, where they have different ways in their preparation, so we have prepared ideas for recipes of salad pasta provided to housewives, to be prepared in easy ways and specific amounts, to achieve optimal results and delicious taste.
Here are 3 recipes used with Perfecto pasta that your kids will definitely love!

Quick Recipes With Delicious Ingredients

There are so many pasta recipes that you can prepare, so you'll never think too much about what you have to eat your meals again. With these quick and easy recipes, you can prepare them at any time of the day, whether at lunch or dinner

What does meal planning mean to housewives?

There are different benefits to planning meals and exercising portion control for housewives. Housewives, especially younger housewives who are trying to get a head start on married life will see that by planning their meals they can budget better and save, they can have more control over the kind of food their family is eating and they can also be smarter about inventory management.

How to Make Lasagna Spaghetti

Lasagna Pasta is an originating in Italy, lasagna is a wide, flat pasta made by interweaving several layers of pasta with layers of sauce, herbs, meat and vegetables. As lasagna is porous, it is the perfect tool to enhance even the most traditional of sauces, such as bechamel and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

4 Pasta Recipes for Family Meals

Spending time at the dining table with the family and sharing conversations with them is a reason to strengthen family relationships. In this article we will present ways to prepare easy recipes for pasta dishes that will impress the whole family in the way of Perfetto Pasta.

Low-fat pasta recipes

Pasta is one of the delicacies that the family likes, young and old. There is no longer a need to reduce or stay away from eating pasta at a different diet.

Best Seafood Pasta Recipe

Seafood with pasta is delicious and a simple dish can be made quickly. Seafood in general is extremley good for you and loaded with healthy oils.

Tasty Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Being vegetarian is increasingly a lifestyle chosen by many. Whether for health or environmental reasons many people are happy to cut meat out of their diet.

The Etiquette of Eating Spaghetti

Pasta is a popular dish and loved all over the world but have you ever wondered whether you are eating it correctly? Maybe you’ve put off ordering spaghetti Bolognese in a restaurant – even though it is your favorite dish because you weren’t sure what the correct etiquette for eating it was!

How to Make Chicken Pasta Recipes?

There are loads of ways of cooking chicken with pasta. Chicken is a really versatile meat and can be paired with a wide variety of flavours due to its relatively mild taste.

Dig Into this Perfect Mac n Cheese

It’s okay to give into those cravings once in a while and help yourself to a dollop of good old-fashioned comfort food. Mac n Cheese is enjoying a resurgence worldwide and the creamy get back-to-basics treat with chewy pasta can often now be seen as a side dish in trendy restaurants.

Kids take over

Did you know that National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day is celebrated annually on September 13th? This means that youngsters can be in charge of the kitchen and make their favourite meals!

Pack Your Kids Off to School with a Healthy Pasta Lunch

With the new school year now under way,check out these easy and healthy packed lunches your children will love! There’s no need to resort to sandwiches every day with Perfetto’s pasta shapes combined with healthy vegetables that are perfect for lunch boxes. Remember to also pack your child a healthy dessert like an apple or a banana.

Create Tasty Waffles with a Twist recipe

How about celebrating the humble waffle with a delicious spaghetti recipe? The snack is now so popular that National Waffle Day is celebrated in the U.S. on August 24.

Does Pasta Help Build Muscle Mass?

People assume that protein is the only macronutrient responsible for building muscle mass, so they focus on eating chicken, meat and fish. The truth is that carbohydrates are just as vital for the growth and maintenance of muscles.

5 Mistakes You’re Making When Cooking Pasta

There are plenty of dishes that can be prepared using pasta, and everyone has their own way of making it and their favorites. But what are the mistakes you’re making when the dish doesn’t turn out quite right?

Enjoy Perfetto Pasta as Part of a Healthy Diet

Pasta is a great dish for the whole family to enjoy as it’s delicious, diverse and versatile. Perfetto pasta is even better as it is made with high-quality semolina containing complex carbs and essential vitamins and minerals, hard to find among other pasta brands.

How to Make the Perfect Pasta Salad

Pasta salads are great dishes where creativity runs wild. Just add any ingredients you like and get a colorful, delicious and nutritious dish, thanks to the addition of vegetables.
Here is a great Perfetto pasta salad recipe, made with Perfetto’s low-carb high-protein fusilli, with broccoli and pesto dressing. Enjoyment is guaranteed!

How to Make Delicious Pasta Dishes at Home

There are many ways to cook Perfetto pasta as it’s now an international ingredient. It can be served with numerous sauces, or with a little oil, garlic and coriander, and can be either boiled or baked.

Discover our Easy and Healthy Pasta Recipes

Coming in all shapes and sizes, pasta is one of the world’s favorite and most versatile foods. It is also easy to incorporate into healthy recipes that complement your diet.

Party with Pasta

Although a traditional Italian dish, pasta has become immensely popular the world over and it’s now an international favorite! Its versatility means it’s a great addition to any meal and it’s ideal for party menus as well!

The story of pasta around the world

Pasta is loved by millions around the world for its delicious taste, its versatility, and the diversity of its dishes. It is considered a main dietary component in many places around the world. For example, in China it is made from rice flower and known as “noodles”. In Europe it is made of wheat and known as “pasta”.

Does pasta help achieve weight loss?

When we think of maintaining a healthy weight, we ask ourselves: “why do some diets work and some don’t?” The truth is that some diets are really useless and don’t help at all, and sometimes our bodies react differently to certain foods.

Whole Wheat Pasta

Whole-wheat pasta is made using complete wheat grains and no fat. It is rich in complex carbs, vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy functioning body. Its taste and texture is different from regular pasta. Discover its amazing taste and health benefits.

Simple Pasta Dishes for Toddlers

Pasta is very popular amongst children due to its different shapes and sizes, its delicious taste, its digestive easiness and diverse flavors. It is a great meal option for fussy, picky eaters. Children like to eat foods that they are accustomed to, and it is rare that a child will like a new food once it is introduced, which makes establishing healthy eating habits a challenge. However, pasta seldom fails at satisfying your little ones’ taste buds.

How to Store Leftover Pasta

Pasta is a quick and easy dish to make. But do you ever wonder what to do with left over boiled or cooked pasta? Do you dread having to throw away any leftovers because they lose their freshness in a short amount of time? In this article, we will show you 3 methods of conserving cooked pasta, while keeping its taste, texture, and freshness. Try it!

Cooking The Perfect Perfetto Lasagna

Being such a hearty, cheesy and warm dish, no wonder Lasagna is among the most popular pasta dishes in the world!
However, mastering Lasagna can be a challenge for most, but it doesn’t have to be, with the tips and tricks we gathered for you in this article!

The Easiest Way to Make a Pasta Dish

Pasta is one of the most famous and popular dishes in the world. It is very easy to prepare, and very versatile in terms of flavors and combinations, such as fettuccini with béchamel, penne with bolognaise, or chicken lasagna. Each recipe takes a different amount of time to prepare, depending on its ingredients.

Easy Pasta Dessert Dishes for Eid

There are many dessert dishes that could be prepared, however, they could be pretty time consuming and complicated. Therefore, many tend to buy these desserts from the store, instead of trying to prepare them at home. The truth is that some of them could be easily cooked at home, and we will help you do so by using the most unexpected ingredient: pasta.

Pasta recipes for Ramadan Gatherings

What’s new this Ramadan? It’s all about what’s on the table of course! Ramadan is the holy month of faith and fasting, and it is also a traditional culinary experience, where family and friends gather around the most delicious Iftar feasts.

Unusual Ways to Use Pasta Water

Being such a delicious, versatile and fiber-packed ingredient, pasta is among the most popular dishes around the world!
But pasta’s magic doesn’t end there, it even extends to its’ boiling water!
If you are throwing your pasta water down the drain, you will never make that mistake again after we introduce you to the unexpected ways to reuse it!

Desserts Made with Pasta

Most people will agree that dessert is the perfect way to end a delicious meal, and each person has a favorite dessert! After all, there are countless dessert recipes around the world, but the recipes we have for you today are unique and have a surprising ingredient: Pasta!

The Perfect Way To Cook Pasta

A culinary staple, pasta is a versatile and delicious ingredient, that could be elevated in countless ways. Whether you choose to go for the basic sauces and ingredients, or want to explore exotic flavors, and no matter how you decide to make your pasta, the starting point is always boiling it!

Pasta Recipes Ready in Under 30 Minutes

We understand the frustration of having to spend 3 hours preparing a dish, especially after a long and tiring day! But that doesn’t mean that takeout is the answer! We have gathered a few simple, easy and delicious pasta recipes that you could be enjoying in less than 30 minutes!

Perfect Pasta Shape for Every Sauce

We understand the frustration of standing in front of the endless rows of pasta shapes and not knowing which shape to choose. We also understand the confusion in choosing the right pasta shape for a specific sauce. After all, there are over 350 different pasta shapes across the globe!

Everything You Need To Know About Gluten

Every once in a while, a new diet emerges and takes the world by storm. From Atkins to Paleo Diets and everything in between, we’ve seen it all.
One of the world’s most famous diets is the Gluten Free diet, which focuses on cutting out on all food items containing gluten or traces of it, like bread, bulgur, couscous, and many more ingredients.

Tips For Mothers of Picky Eaters

Is feeding time a struggle at your home? Does your child reject almost all food you offer except for one or 2 familiar dishes? Welcome to the “Mothers of Picky Eaters” club!
The process can be very exhausting but the good news is that this stage in your child’s development will not last forever. Children usually go through this phase in the first 2-6 years of life, and eventually grow out of it.

The 3 Best Picnic Pasta Dishes

As the weather starts to cool down, parks start to fill up and camping gears come out; everyone heads outdoors to enjoy the long awaited season.