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Unusual Ways to Use Pasta Water

Unusual Ways to Use Pasta Water

Being such a delicious, versatile and fiber-packed ingredient, pasta is among the most popular dishes around the world!  

But pasta’s magic doesn’t end there, it even extends to its’ boiling water!

If you are throwing your pasta water down the drain, you will never make that mistake again after we introduce you to the unexpected ways to reuse it!

Watering the plants

When pasta is cooked, a lot of starch, minerals and vitamins are transferred into its water, which makes it a great source of nutrients for your plants! Water them with cool, unsalted pasta water and watch how effective it will be on their growth!

Home-made dough

Everything tastes better at home, that includes pizza! To all the bakers at heart, we give you the golden tip: Add pasta water to your dough, and you will never use regular water again because the starchy water will give baked goods an exceptionally delicious flavor!

In pasta sauces

Have you ever tried following a restaurant recipe in detail, but it did not turn out like the original? We’ve been there too! The good news is that we have discovered the secret to restaurant-quality pasta sauces, and we want to share it with you!

All the magic lies in the sauce! Ask any Italian chef and they’ll tell you that adding a ladle of the starchy water will do miracles to the sauce! Be prepared for an Italian dinner at home with silky, creamy and mouthwatering sauces!

Washing dirty dishes

Does soaking dirty dishes with starchy water sound a little bizarre? We know it might seem counteractive, but it really works! Soaking dirty dishes in pasta water for a few minutes will help dissolve food stains, resulting in an easier cleaning process! All you have to do is clean your dishes as you normally would after soaking them in the starchy liquid gold!

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