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Enjoy Perfetto Pasta as Part of a Healthy Diet

Enjoy Perfetto Pasta as Part of a Healthy Diet

Pasta is a great dish for the whole family to enjoy as it’s delicious, diverse and versatile. Perfetto pasta is even better as it is made with high-quality semolina containing complex carbs and essential vitamins and minerals, hard to find among other pasta brands.

Durum wheat

The reason why many people opt for durum wheat is because it has numerous health benefits, such as: They feel full for longer due to the complex carbs that take longer to break down in the stomach, providing a steady boost of energy. It also improves kidney function due to its high potassium level. Additionally, it’s a great source of vitamin E and B, which boosts immunity. As it contains zinc, phosphorus and magnesium it’s also a good source of energy and benefits the bones and nervous system.

Perfetto pasta contains complex carbohydrates such as Low Carb High Protein Fusilli Pasta, Low Carb High Protein spaghetti Pasta. These release glucoses more slowly into the bloodstream providing more stable energy levels. Perfetto pasta also contains numerous minerals such as copper that helps in the formation of tissues and blood cells and selenium, which supports the immune system and thyroid function. And finally, manganese helps in the process of bone formation and the metabolism of carbohydrates and protein.


Organic Whole grains are high in fiber that is essential for our bodies. Fiber promotes better digestion and lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Since Organic whole-wheat pasta contains more fiber than regular pasta, it is more satiating, which helps in weight loss. Organic whole grains are loaded with plant compounds that may help fight cancer. They are immensely beneficial to your health, therefore, next time you go to buy pasta, choose whole-wheat or brown pasta and toss it in a healthy, light sauce, for a complete, healthy and delicious meal.

Gluten-free pasta 

Perfetto offers gluten-free pasta, such as Penne Rigate and spaghetti, for those who have gluten intolerance or allergies. A lot of people also choose to eliminate gluten from their diet, and recently, the gluten-free diet has been the highest rated in the world.

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