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Perfect Pasta Shape for Every Sauce

Perfect Pasta Shape for Every Sauce

We understand the frustration of standing in front of the endless rows of pasta shapes and not knowing which shape to choose. We also understand the confusion in choosing the right pasta shape for a specific sauce. After all, there are over 350 different pasta shapes across the globe!

Knowing the perfect pasta shape for your sauce is not an easy task, that’s why we have summed it up for you in this article, to help you achieve the perfect dish every time.

In contrary to common belief which states that Italians were the first to introduce this magical ingredient to the world, you will be surprised to know that the first pasta bowl was actually discovered in China!

After that marvelous discovery, the world was taken by storm, and pasta soon became a staple in every pantry.

The evolution of pasta started with the basic noodles, and took many turns to reach the wide variety of shapes available across the world today.

Similar to the evolution of pasta shapes, sauces also witnessed various makeovers! Each nation, family and even individual, created their own recipes for sauces, and updated basic and classic sauces.

In order to achieve the perfect dish every time, a lot of thought must be put into matching the pasta shape with the sauce, because pairing the wrong ones could make a tremendous difference in the end result!

For all long shaped pasta, like spaghetti, vermicelli, and spaghettini, always choose thinner sauces. A classic tomato sauce, or an olive oil and butter sauce, goes perfectly well with this pasta shape. These sauces coat the strands of pasta perfectly without weighing them down.

We also advise against using roughly chopped ingredients like broccoli or large pieces of chicken. Instead, you can use herbs and ground beef to compliment the delicacy of this pasta shape.

However, you can go for thicker sauces if your pasta of choice has a larger surface, like the famous Fettuccini! Enjoy the creaminess of a thick sauce with these shapes, as the wider surface will allow the pasta to hold its shape.

Stuffed pasta shapes like Cannelloni are a different story. Their delicious fillings should always be the center of attention! Don’t overcrowd this pasta with a heavy sauce; instead, try to use a lighter sauce like a creamy lemon sauce, or a buttery sauce with Parmesan cheese.

With short pasta shapes, like Penne and Sedanini, you have the option to go as light or heavy as you wish! The sauce will fill these pasta shapes, giving you a wonderful burst of flavor with every bite!

You can also incorporate delicious ingredients like broccoli, chicken breast, and olives with these pasta shapes, for added flavor and texture!

Another crowd favorite, the Fusilli, can be prepared with various sauces. It is the perfect option to eat in a pasta salad, and a wonderful match for the delicious Pesto sauce! Sauces cover this pasta shape perfectly and settle in its dents, making it a very versatile pasta shape!

We are firm believers that cooking is art, and art has no rules! Get creative and don’t forget to share your creations with us!

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