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Pasta recipes for Ramadan Gatherings

Pasta recipes for Ramadan Gatherings

What’s new this Ramadan? It’s all about what’s on the table of course! Ramadan is the holy month of faith and fasting, and it is also a traditional culinary experience, where family and friends gather around the most delicious Iftar feasts.

Knowing how important this month is to us all, we have gathered a list of succulent and nutritious dishes for you and your loved ones to enjoy, and we want you to be aware of some facts while you browse through them.

When preparing Iftar for your family or friends, you need to put a lot of thought into cooking the perfect meal and into the time it’ll take to do so. Since that’s not an easy tasks, we have listed some valuable advice allowing you to pick the dishes to prepare according to your time limits:

  • Choose a dish your friends will love that won’t consume all your time and energy. Visit Perfetto’s website for a wide variety of great recipe ideas, prepared by our amazing chefs and guaranteed to suit all tastes.
  • After choosing the dish, have a look at its ingredients and nutrition facts, from the amount of protein it has, to the amounts of fiber and sodium. Some meals, like our Perfetto Fetticcini, combine all these elements.
  • Pay attention to the cooking time of each dish. Can your schedule and the time left till Iftar accommodate it? You need to be aware that some dishes require a lot of time and effort, and cannot be prepared in the span of one day. In such cases, it is better to prepare the dish a day ahead, and cook it on the day of the gathering. But you can always choose to prepare less demanding dishes!

The perfect dishes for Ramadan gatherings


We’ve prepared some famous and rich dishes that your friends and family will love to share, and that you can enjoy with many famous Italian sauces. Try our delicious Spaghettini With Shrimps and Pink Sauce or our amazing Perfetto Fettuccini that’s full of protein and fiber. You can also choose some entrees to complement the meal, such as the Creamy Chicken Soup which really adds a beautiful touch and amazing flavor to your meal.

However, should you like to prepare any other entrees, we recommend you try the creamy Cheese Cups Pasta; just be generous with the cream and garnish with mint leaves and voila! Feel free to add your own touch to the dish; at the end of the day, cooking is an art!

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