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Pasta Cooking: Cold Water vs Hot Water

Pasta Cooking: Cold Water vs Hot Water

Cooking pasta is an art that needs the patience to master. People cook pasta differently, based on their family’s traditional cooking ways or after following certain recipes, but some people cook pasta haphazardly, based on what they personally think is the correct method.

Usually, there are two ways to cook pasta. One is to add raw pasta into cold water and then bring it to a boil and the other way is to bring water to a boil and then add in the pasta to cook it. Perfetto Pasta shows you two ways to cook pasta, then we show you why cooking pasta with boiling water is always the best.

When you put the pasta in cold water you need to wait to bring it to a boil. The time the pasta sits in the water makes it starchy & ruins the texture once the pasta is cooked. The cooked pasta becomes sticky and this process extends the time it takes to prepare. Placing pasta in cold water first ruins the appearance, the taste and removes many nutrients too.

The pasta can also become deformed and lose its shape which hinders the appeal and taste. You will also notice it when you put the cooked pasta in a sauce and try to eat it. Pasta cooked in cold water will be mushy, soft, and overcooked. The heat from the sauce will continue to cook the pasta & further ruin the look of the whole dish.

On the other hand, if you put the pasta in boiling water, it speeds up the cooking time as well as improves the look and taste of the final dish. This is why the majority of recipes give instructions to people to cook pasta in boiling water. We advise people to use boiling water to cook pasta as this will help you get an excellent final pasta dish. Generally, the pasta will take between 6-8 minutes to cook in boiling water, depending on if you prefer your pasta more or less al dente.

Cooking pasta in boiling water will help the pasta to be shinier, have a better texture, retain its nutrients and cook faster. When you are making a pasta recipe at home, especially using Perfetto’s Organic whole durum wheat pasta range. To get the best results we suggest boiling the water, adding few tablespoons of olive oil to the water, and a sprinkle of salt for optimum cooking results.

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