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Does pasta help achieve weight loss?

Does pasta help achieve weight loss?

When we think of maintaining a healthy weight, we ask ourselves: “why do some diets work and some don’t?” The truth is that some diets are really useless and don’t help at all, and sometimes our bodies react differently to certain foods.

Although there is no easy way to lose weight, there is plenty of advice and recommendations you could follow to achieve your long-term goal. The most important of that advice is to eat the right foods for weight loss.

A common misconception is that pasta is the enemy of weight loss, however, studies have shown that pasta does not hinder your journey towards your desired weight, if consumed properly in certain quantities within light, healthy dishes.

Therefore, we have prepared for you a list of recipes with serving recommendations so you could enjoy eating pasta throughout your weight loss journey without guilt.

First, it is important to choose the right quality of pasta. There are many different types: some contain eggs and are high in calories, and these should be avoided on a diet. Some are high in proteins and are recommended on a diet. Keep an eye out for the ingredients in your pasta.

Perfetto Pasta, with its many shapes and types, is a great option, as it is made with whole-wheat and rich in satiating fibers. It also cooks wonderfully and yields delicious dishes if prepared according to the instructions on the package.

It is also crucial to mind the recipe for the pasta dishes you’ll be making. Adding Bolognese sauce increases the caloric intake from 180 Kcals for the pasta alone to 420 Kcals for the finished dish, while Carbonara takes it up to 535 Kcals. Therefore, focusing on light and healthy recipes is key.

Try to limit your intake of pasta, after all, over-eating any kind of food will lead to weight gain, therefore balance is crucial. A half of a cup of pasta on a daily basis over 2 weeks is a good start. Try to take your time to chew and have a sip of water in between mouthfuls; it will help you feel full with smaller amounts of food, and prevent constipation.

Pasta is a good lunch and dinner option. If eaten for lunch, the vitamin B it contains helps stimulate the brain for concentration and productivity. If eaten for dinner, it helps promote better, sounder sleep. Try to switch from pasta once a week. We will give you a list of options that you could enjoy.

Choose low calorie sauces that are rich in vegetables and that compliment different dishes, for those are best for weight loss. A simple tomato sauce contains all the taste and adds little calories, while white sauce is high in fats and taxes a lot of calories. If tomato sauce is not to your taste, you could add carrots, zucchini, broccoli and spinach to your pasta, which will add taste, fibers, vitamins and minerals.

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