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5 Tips for Cooking Seafood with Pasta

5 Tips for Cooking Seafood with Pasta

Cooking and eating seafood are a celebration of all the beautifully delicious. Pairing delectable pasta with oceanic delicacies is paying homage to the seafood we are blessed with, by creating irresistible dishes in which the pasta complements the seafood well. You need to understand how to handle seafood and cook it properly, as seafood in most parts of the world is extremely expensive and also should be handled very delicately.

Different things should be kept in mind whilst preparing pasta with seafood! And with minimal effort, you can conjure up dishes that are the perfect way to commemorate summer and stir up the holiday vibe.

Perfetto pasta will help you bring top tips to handle seafood and how to pair it well with pasta! Read on to find out more and follow our tips!

  • Do not pair very thick and fatty sauces with seafood pasta, especially if you are going to be using fatty fish like herring, tuna, and salmon in your pasta. Dairy sauces will not complement fatty fish and the dish will seem very heavy. Light tomato-based sauces go better with these kinds of fish.

  • Certain flavour combinations are always a win when it comes to seafood dishes. A light lemon butter sauce will always compliment and go well with any sort of seafood. Next time you think of preparing seafood pasta, think about pairing lemon butter sauce with your favourite seafood and Perfetto pasta type!

  • This is logical but needs to be said! Choose pasta according to the type of sauce and seafood you are going to be using. It also depends on what kind of a dish it is. If it is going to be an appetizer dish like a prawn cocktail, then small-sized pasta types work well, like Quick Macaroni. If it is going to be the main course with a lot of seafood, a thicker sauce – tomato or dairy, then spaghetti or fettuccine work better.

  • It is important to make sure that the seafood is cleaned properly, before using in a pasta dish and is cooked to the correct temperature. Seafood cooks very rapidly and can be overcooked, chewy, and burnt in minutes. Do not overcook your seafood because it will destroy the balance of the dish and it will not be appetising.

  • Depending on your preference, fresh or frozen seafood can be used in your pasta dishes. If you are using frozen seafood, make sure to remove all ice crystals and thaw the seafood fully before cooking.

These are just some of the tips to cook seafood that we at Perfetto pasta thought you should be reading, so you can keep it in mind next time you prepare your seafood masterpieces. However, there are a lot more tips and tricks there. Experiment and start cooking seafood with pasta, to learn more about it and to create perfect dishes every single time.

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