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4 Pasta Recipes for Family Meals

4 Pasta Recipes for Family Meals

With each family members’ busy schedule, it can often seem impossible to sit down together to share a meal. However, studies show that family meals carry lifelong benefits. Children who grow up sharing meals with family are more likely to exhibit prosocial behavior as adults, such as sharing, fairness and respect. Taking time to connect with loved ones in the kitchen and around a table is a way to nourish tummies, relationships and overall health.

Spending time at the dining table with the family and sharing conversations with them is a reason to strengthen family relationships. In this article we will present ways to prepare easy recipes for pasta dishes that will impress the whole family in the way of Perfetto Pasta.



• 337 g frozen sweet green peas

• 4/3 cup basil pesto sauce

• 2 tbs Olive oil


1. Cook your Perfetto Pennettini Rigati according to the instructions written on the pack.

2. Boil the peas and drain well and then raise 4/3 cups aside, and then put the remaining amount in the mixer bowl, and add to it Pesto sauce and olive oil.

3. Beat the ingredients for 2-3 minutes until smooth

4. Put the mixture on the boiled Pasta, add the remaining boiled peas, then gently stir the ingredients.

5. Add salt and black pepper

6. Serve hot or cold as desired

Beef and Mushroom Stroganoff with Low Carb High Protein Fusilli Pasta



1. Cook your Perfetto Low Carb Fusilli according to the instructions written on the pack.

2. In a pan on low heat, cook the steak and the onions until done.

3. Add the mushrooms, milk, ketchup and mustard and let cook on low heat until all the ingredients are cooked.

4. Add the white pepper and cream, mix well until all the ingredients are well incorporated. Leave on low heat for 5 minutes.

5. Place the cooked pasta in a bowl and add the stroganoff on top of the pasta.

6. Serve hot.

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